What Makes the Best Dunkin’ Coconut Milk Iced Latte?

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your summer morning latte, why not try adding a hint of the tropics? Summertime is the perfect time to experiment with new flavor combinations and fragrances, so why not give a Dunkin’ coconut milk iced latte a try? There are plenty of options available, so whether you want something sweet or tart, there’s a flavor.

Dunkin is introducing new non-dairy options to its beverage lineup, including new Dunkin Coconut Refreshers and the new Coconutmilk Iced Latte. This is the perfect drink for summertime because it’s refreshing and light. Plus, it has a sweet coconut flavor that everyone will love. New drinks are available nationwide and can be enjoyed hot or iced.

What Is A Dunkin’ Coconut Milk Iced Latte?

On Wednesday, April 28, 2021, Dunkin’ Donuts introduced new creamy Coconutmilk flavors, including Caramel Coconutmilk, Buttered Rum Coconutmilk, and Hot Cocoa Coconutmilk.

Dunkin’ Donuts is known for its coffee, but what about its coconut milk Iced Latte?

It’s a unique drink that features Coconut milk and is topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut.

The Iced Latte from Dunkin’ Donuts is perfect if you’re looking for a refreshing beverage to cool you down on a hot day.

What Makes Dunkin’ Coconut Milk Iced Latte So Special?

Dunkin’ Coconut Milk Iced Latte is a popular drink made with coffee, milk, and ice. It has a unique flavor that many people enjoy. There are many reasons why Dunkin’ Coconut Milk Iced Latte is so special.

  • Firstly, it has a coconut flavor which makes it taste different from other iced coffee drinks.
  • Secondly, it is exceedingly creamy and rich, making it refreshing.

In short, the coconut milk’s unique flavor and texture make this drink so special.

Dunkin Donuts Coconut Milk Ingredients

Dunkin Donuts is a popular donut chain with various flavors, including coconut milk. The ingredients in this drink are nothing special, but they make for a delicious iced coffee.

Coconut milk is made from coconut milk concentrate, a blend of water, cream, and sugar.

Dunkin Donuts says coconut milk adds “flavor and richness” to their menu items.

What Coconut Milk Does Dunkin Donuts Use?

The coffee chain’s iconic hot chocolates are a favorite morning treat for many Dunkin’ Donuts customers. But what about the milk that goes into those chocolates? It turns out Dunkin’ Donuts uses coconut milk to make its chocolate drinks. This includes the popular Chocolate Frosted Donut and Chocolate Chip Frappe.

Coconut milk is a healthier alternative to cow’s milk, and it has a rich texture that lends itself well to chocolate recipes.

Dunkin Donuts says coconut milk enhances its coffee’s flavor and makes it more consistent.

How Much Does A Dunkin’ Coconut Milk Iced Latte Cost?

Dunkin’ Donuts is a popular fast-food chain that specializes in iced coffee. One of their most popular drinks is the Dunkin’ Coconut Milk Iced Latte.

How much does this drink cost? You can expect to pay around $2.50 for a small, $3.75 for a medium, and $4.95 for a large.

You can make your own at home. For this, we have another article on how to make a chai tea latte with K cups.

How Many Calories Are In A Dunkin Donuts Coconut Milk Latte?

Dunkin’ Donuts recently introduced a Coconut Milk Latte made with coconut milk.

Latte drinkers can choose between regular or skim milk, and no guilt is felt because the drink is low in calories and sugar.

Dunkin’ Coconutmilk Iced Latte (Medium) Nutrition Facts

  • 50 calories
  • 40.5 calories from fat
  • 4.5 grams of fat
  • 3.5 grams of saturated fat
  • 70 milligrams of sodium
  • 3 grams of carbs
  • 1 gram of sugar
  • 1 gram of protein

Are Coconut Milk Lattes Good?

Coconut milk lattes have become increasingly popular as they offer a unique and delicious way to enjoy a morning cup of joe. However, some people are unsure about the health benefits of drinking coconut milk lattes, so it’s important to know whether they’re good for you.

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The popularity of coconut milk lattes may be due to their taste and convenience.

  1. There is still some debate surrounding their health benefits – some say they are better for you than regular coffee. In contrast, others argue that coconut milk can be harmful.
  2. In any case, it’s worth trying out a coconut milk latte if you’re looking for a unique and tasty coffee drink.
  3. Dunkin Donuts coconut milk latte is a popular drink for people looking for a healthy breakfast or snack.
  4. Dunkin Donuts claims their latte is “heart healthy” because it contains no saturated fat or cholesterol.
  5. If you want to cut down on the number of calories in your latte, Dunkin Donuts offers several options that have less sugar and fewer calories
  6. Coconut milk is a non-dairy product made from fresh coconut milk thickened with either sugar or cornstarch. It is a popular beverage choice for people looking for a healthy and satisfying drink.


Whether you’re looking for a refreshing change of pace or want to add some flavor to your everyday routine, the new Coconutmilk options are worth checking out! So what are you waiting for?

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