Does French Vanilla Coffee Have Carbs

It was around 2am. One of my friends suddenly call me at late night.

I’m surprised! Is there any bad news?(whispering in my mind)

I sat up from the bed. Answered the phone and said, what happened? Is everything okay?

He said yes, ok, but I need to know something. I said, what important thing is that, which do you want to know at middle of night?

He replied, “Does french vanilla coffee have carbs?”

I’m getting surprise and said that “you called me so late at night to just know this?”

Answer me first.

I said NO, French vanilla coffee has no carbs.

Actually, he loves coffee madly. At night, when he was having coffee, his wife was telling him that vanilla coffee has carbs. This makes him tense. So he called me immediately to clear the matter.

Oh, God! How mad this guy is!

Of course, the matter is undoubtably funny, but as a coffee lover, I respect his madness.

This incident gave me an idea to share about vanilla coffee carbs with my readers.

Hi, this is Lais Rassi, again welcome to you with a new topic.

What Is French Vanilla Coffee?

French vanilla is a type of flavored coffee that typically contains vanilla and other spices. The rich, creamy flavor of vanilla is a perfect complement to the bold taste of coffee. This coffee is made by adding vanilla extract to coffee grounds before brewing.

The number of carbs in French vanilla coffee depends on the specific recipe and ingredients used.

However, many French vanilla coffee products contain added sugar, which can increase the carb content.

For example, one popular brand of French vanilla coffee K-cups contains 2 grams of carbs per serving.

Do Flavored K Cups Have Carbs?

No, flavored K cups do not have carbs. All of the flavor comes from the coffee beans themselves and the roasting process.

Do French Vanilla K Cups Have Sugar?

No, French Vanilla K cups do not have sugar. French Vanilla is a flavor of coffee, and like all coffee, it is naturally calorie- and sugar-free.

However, some coffee companies may add sugar or other sweeteners to their French Vanilla coffees.

So, be sure to check the label before purchasing.

How Many Calories Are In A French Vanilla K Pod?

When it comes to how many calories are in a French Vanilla K pod, it really depends on the brand that you choose.

For example, Keurig French Vanilla K-Cups have 80 calories per serving, while Starbucks French Vanilla K-Cups have 100 calories per serving.

So, if you’re looking for an exact answer, it really depends on which brand of K-Cups you’re using.

In general, though, you can expect that a French Vanilla K-Cup will have somewhere around 80-100 calories. This isn’t a ton of calories, especially if you’re only having one cup of coffee. However, if you’re drinking multiple cups of French Vanilla K-Cups coffee throughout the day, those calories can start to add up.

How Many Calories Are In A French Vanilla Dunkin Donuts K Cup?

A French vanilla Dunkin Donuts K cup has 80 calories.

French Vanilla K Cups Nutrition Facts

French vanilla is one of the most popular flavors of coffee, and Keurig makes it easy to enjoy with their K-Cups. But how healthy is French vanilla coffee, really?

A single French vanilla K-Cup contains 10 calories, 1 gram of fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 grams of cholesterol, 0 milligrams of sodium, 2 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of dietary fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 0 grams of protein.

So, a cup of French vanilla coffee is not going to ruin your diet. In fact, it contains very few calories and no unhealthy fats.

However, it is worth noting that a cup of French vanilla coffee also contains 1 gram of sugar. If you’re trying to cut down on your sugar intake, you may want to choose a different flavor of coffee.

French Vanilla K Cups Calories

French vanilla is one of the most popular flavors of coffee, and French vanilla k cups are a convenient way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

But how many calories are in a French vanilla k cup?

A French vanilla k cup contains approximately 10 calories.

However, the calorie content vary depending on the brand of k cup and the size of the cup.


Hope I can clear the answer and the reason why does French Vanilla K-cups do not have carbs. Some brand’s coffee contain carbs, it’s true. So before buy, you have to check the ingredients mentioning in the packaging.

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